Rubiks Cube 3-D Teaching system

Rubiks cube has 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 different possible configurations. Of these, only one represents the solved cube. If you allow one second for each turn, it would take you 1400 million million years to go through ALL the possible configurations. In comparison, the whole universe is only 14 thousand million years old.

How in the world can anyone ever solve it?

Ever wish you could somehow type in your scrambled Rubiks Cube and allow your computer to show you how to solve it? The Teach Me Rubiks Cube 3D software for Microsoft Windows allows you to do just that!

It teaches all the basic sequences needed to solve the cube. It then allows you to type in your scrambled cube and it shows you which of the basic sequences to use. It then loads the sequence into the Script Player and shows you how to solve your cube one twist at a time. Not only does it SHOW you how to solve it, it TEACHES you how to solve it.
Our Teaching System Includes:
  • Stunning 3D Graphics
  • Sophisticated Cube Editor with Error Detection
  • Easy to Use Script Player
  • Easy to Follow Cube Solver
  • Step by Step Teaching System
  • Cool Screen Saver included

Stunning 3D Graphics

Everything is presented in 3-Dimensions. There is no question which side gets twisted while cubing along with the software.

Sophisticated Cube Editor

The editor is very easy to use. Just point and click to change a squares color. Once you are finished the editor will check for mistakes and show you which cubes are incorrectly entered. When you are finished typing in your cube, you can be sure it is entered correctly.

Easy to Use Script Player

With our script player, learning the basic sequence of moves couldn't be easier. You can play a script as many times as you like. You can play it one frame at a time or all the way through. You can move forward or backwards at any time and each sequence is shown in 3-Dimensions!

Easy to Follow Teaching Method

A 7-step teaching method that is easy to follow. Perfect for the absolute beginner. It actually teaches you step by step, or choose to teach you using your scrambled cube. No other teaching method is easier to follow.

And it even comes with its own cool Screen Saver.

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