We now have an app coming soon for your tablet or phone in the App Store. Farkle is an exciting dice game played by millions. Enjoy!


Rules of Farkle:

Whats Needed.

Farkle is played with 6 dice.

Points are scored in 1 of 9 different rolls.

  1. A player rolls a 1 which is worth 100 points.

  2. A player rolls a 5 which is worth 50 points.

  3. A player rolls 3 of any number at the same time which is 100 x the number rolled. ex.

  4. A player rolls four of any number at the same time this is 1000 points.

  5. A player rolls five of any number at the same time this is 2000 points.

  6. A player rolls six of any number at the same time this is 3000 points.

  7. A player rolls a straight 1,2,3,4,5,6 at the same time this is 1500 points.

  8. A player rolls 3 pair at the same time this is 1500 points. ex.

  9. A player rolls a pair of three of a kind at the same time this is 2500 points. ex.

Playing the Game:

A player may roll more than one of the above combinations. He can keep them all or discard one or more. For example, if a player rolls a 1 and 5 in one roll, he may keep them both and score 150 points or discard one. A strategy might be to only keep the 1 and reroll the 5. This gives you a better chance of getting three or four of a kind. You must keep at least one of the above combinations for each roll of the dice. If a player fails to get one of the above scores than he Farkles and scores 0 points.

Opening Score

A player must get at least 500 points to open. After that he may keep any score.

Rolls Do Not Accumulate!

If a player rolls 1,1,1 on his first roll he gets 1000 points. If on his second roll he rolls another 1 HE DOES NOT HAVE FOUR 1's. His score is 1,000 points for his first roll and 100 points for his second roll which gives him 1,100 points (not 2,000 points for 1,1,1,1).

A Sample Roll

Players rolls 1,2,2,3,5,6

The player may keep the 1 or the 5 or both. Player keeps the 1 and now has 100 points. If he has already opened with 500 points he may keep this score. Player rolls the remaining 5 dice.

Player rolls 2,3,5,5,5.

Player must keep the 5,5,5 and now has 600 points and may either take the score or roll the remaining 2 dice.

Player rolls the 2 dice and gets 3,6. Player Farkles and scores 0.


A player must get 10,000 points to win the game. Once a player goes out every other player gets one more roll to try to beat him.

How to Use the Farkle App:

To Add a Player:

Click on the add player button in the upper right hand corner

Enter the players name and click on done when finished.
You may also click on cancel to return without adding a player.

To Remove a Player:

Click on the Edit button in the upper left hand corner

Red delete buttons will appear. Click on the one to remove. The button will rotate and a delete button will appear. Click on the delete button to the right of the players name. The player will be removed. Clicking on Done resets it out of edit mode.

To Change a Players Name:

Click on the Edit button in the upper left hand corner

Arrows will appear to the Right. Click on the arrow for the desired player

Change the players name and click on update. Or click on Back to Game to cancel.

To Add or Change a Score:

Click on the Players Name or Score

To Add a Score Enter the players score and click on update. You may also change a score by selecting the incorrect score on the Past Scores and changing it. It will be updated and the score will be recalculated. You may add a score and/or change as many scores as you want in one screen.

Just For Fun. If a player does not score on this round click on the Farkle button in the upper right.
An annoying chuckle will sound out. No score will be added.

To Start a New Game, View Highest Rolls or Total Wins:

Click Scores in the footer section

Clicking on New Game will remove all scores and increment wins for the player with the highest score if it is at least 10,000. The High Rollers is a record of the top 10 highest rolls ever. These scores are saved between sessions. The only way to remove them is by clicking on the Clear High Rollers.

The Winners tally is only saved while the app is running. If the app is restarted or the tablet is turned off then the wins get cleared. If a new Farkle session is started with new players and the app was never stopped you can click on Clear Winners to reset the wins.


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