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  • You can write your own ad.
  • Upload up to 8 pictures of your item.
  • You maintain your ad.
  • Delete Item when it sells to avoid calls.
  • Search entire site for an item.
  • Its Free!

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You have 2 choices when Placing an Ad
Conventional Ads

A. Conventional Ads are expensive. An ad in newspapers can be several hundred dollars. Even little papers like the Trifty Nickel can exceed $50.00 a month.

B. A limited audience. Only people who buy the paper and search classifieds will see your ad.

C. Calls Keep coming even after the item is sold. It sometimes takes days to cancel an ad.

D. Limited exposure. Potential buyers cant see what your selling.

Using Our Online Classifieds

A. Our Ads are cheaper. We dont have the overhead of a priniting press, paper, ink. We dont need to pay paper boys to deliver.

B. Your ad can be viewed by the entire world. The classifed section does not need to be bought.

C. You can immediately cancel an ad. Also a phone # is optional. All ads can be responded by anonymous e-mail.

D. Upload pictures and even videos of your item. Your item gets much better exposure.

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